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Mit diesem Einstufungstest können Sie Ihre Englischkenntnisse selber bestimmen.

Es gibt immer nur eine richtige Antwort. Diese Schwierigkeitsstufe richtet sich an Studenten mit wenig (Beginners) bis mittleren ( Intermediate)Vorkenntnissen.

1. Hello Robert, -----------? I'm very well, thank you..
How do you? How are you? How you are? How is it?

2. Is this your coat? -------------------
No, it isn't. No, isn't it. No, he isn't. No, there isn't.

3. ---------- is your address? 88, Lyon Street, London.
How Who What That

4. Andrew ---------- a doctor, he's a teacher at the university.
doesn't aren't isn't will

5. --------------- three hundred students in my school.
There is There are It gives They are

6. ---------- is this green shirt? It's Ł5.50.
Where What How big How much

7. Is there any milk left? -------------
No, there isn't. Yes, they is. Yes, there is any. No, there aren't.

8. There aren't ---------- people here today.
the many a lot many much

9. What does he do? --------------.
He's teacher He's a teacher. He's teaching. Yes, he does.

10. He ---------- in an office every day from nine to five.
is working works work go

11. We have lunch --------- two o'clock
at to in on

12. Where is Mary? She ----------- over there.
stand is standing standing is stand

13. He ---------- born in 1967 in Italy.
had is was did

14. France is ------------ than the USA.
as small smallest more small smaller

15. When ---------- you go to the USA? Last year.
did was went have

16. She's never ---------- to Boston.
gone was been went

17. I can't stand ----------- in hot weather.
to walk walking walk to walking

18. A friend of ---------- phoned this morning but ---------- didn't leave a message.
you, she you, her yours, she yourself, hers

19. We ------------ lunch when the phone -----------.
were having, rang had, has rung were having, was ringing had, rang

20. ----------- she likes coffee, she prefers tea.
However Although Also When

mehr als 75% Intermediate

bis 75% pre-Intermediate

bis 50% Elementary

bis 25% Beginner

Score =
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