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Welcome to our online grammar tutorial.

After completing the 11 units, you should have a good understanding of the basic concepts of English grammar.

 Each unit consists of

  • short and clear explanation of the rules of English grammar
  • examples of the correct use
  • a revision test (if you have less than 75% you should read the unit again)

Table of content


  1. explanation of useful English language words
  2. forms: to be, to do and to have
  3. present tenses
    1. present simple
    2. present continuous
  4. past tense
    1. simple past
    2. past continuous
  5. perfect tenses
    1. present perfect
    2. present perfect continuous
  6. past perfect
    1. past perfect
    2. past perfect continuous
  7. future tenses
  8. modal verbs
  9. adjectives and adverbs
  10. prepositions
  11. gerund and infinitive
  12. passives
  13. conditionals
  14. reported speech
  15. final test