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The dream team!

By Heinz

Hello Germany, welcome to the real world. Fantastic, you have a new hero, a star, someone to emulate. His name is Zlatko. Ok, so he doesn’t know about Shakespeare, but I ask you, how much do you really know about Shakespeare? At least Zlatko doesn’t pretend, you get what you see, take him or leave him. There is no big mystery about him.

On the other hand, a lot of other times you don’t get what you see or hear . Take “the five wise men”, the .specialists of the German economy. To me they are an enigma. I realize, they are a bunch of doctors and professors, but nonetheless I asked myself, who has given them the name “the five wise men,” and even more important, why? I don’t mean to question their acumen, but I suppose, if they are wise men than no opposing opinion is necessary. I mean, who would dare contradict a wise man, especially five of them at the same time. Even the counselor seems reverential when the wise men hand over the report to him at the official ceremony.

But, has anybody ever checked their batting average? How often are their prognostications right, how often are they wrong?

 Suddenly we are hearing, that Germany is trailing other, more economically successful countries, by at least four years. There appears to be a shortage of engineers and other qualified personal for the Tele. Communication Industry in this country. Why? I have known for years that the computer industry is upon us, and I am definitely not a wise man. Furthermore, history has repeatedly shown us whatever happens in the USA will get to Europe a few years later. And what about Holland, Britain, Sweden, Finland and other countries who have shown you the way? Why is Germany not prepared?

Could it be that the five wise men missed the boat, or did they have the right message and nobody listen to them. If nobody listen to them, then why have them in the first place, but if they where wrong in their forecast, then I have a suggestion. Why don’t they add Zlatko to their team, he couldn’t do any worst. They could be our dream team.

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